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HWY FRUITS bringing fresh fruit to you!


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Handpicked quality.

There is no question of quality or quantity when it comes to HWY FRUITS. 

With a delicious selection of australia's finest fruits, we'll be sure to bring your favourite fruits right to your door!

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Eat Fruit, Enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

Want Softer Skin?

Did you know the water content in fruit makes your skin soft and well hydrated, as opposed to commercial fruit juices?

Enjoy Less Body Fat

Did you know that because fruit is high in fiber, it can help ward off unnecessary fats and cholesterol from the body?  #thatfruitlife

Helps Avoid Illness

The closer to nature, the better for your health. Fruits are naturally low in fat, calories, and have key nutrients that your child needs to grow. Fruit helps protect you from illnesses.

The Freshest Fruit in Sydney!

Well thats what our customers say anyway, but were pretty confident you'll think so too!

We support local Australian farmers

We understand the growing need for supporting our local farmers increases every week. Which is why we make it a priority to source our produce from our home grown heros first.

Why go through the hassle?

We love our fruit, and we know you do too! So avoid the wait and hassle of markets and get your fruit right at your door step.

We'll come straight to you!

We want, what you want. MAXIMUM VALUE TODAY. So with orders over $54.95 we offer you FREE DELIVERY. We got your back ;D